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The Possession Series Box Set is Coming Soon!

Phew! The last two weeks have been CRAZ and E! Amazon decided to take its sweet, sweet time publishing “Free”—it took ELEVEN F’ING days! I have never had a book take that long and it was driving me crazy! I kept checking and checking and finally last Friday, I got the email that it was published. I cannot tell you the emotions- a weird mix of anxiety, relief, and fear. Shout out to all of my amazing readers who couldn’t wait and gobbled it up on Apple Books! The feedback has been amazing and I am so, so happy that you love Free and Vivi (but not Trace, that rat.) The next book comes out in a few short months, so in the meantime I am hoping that everyone catches up on the series. To help, I am releasing all three books in one set exclusive to Amazon for the first few months (for now.) I loaded it this morning, and I am praying that they don’t take another millennia to release it–I may not survive another delay. I am attempting to see if I can put in on Kindle Unlimited, but we shall see.

In other news, my husband and I have been flipping our entire house upside down. Tons of new furniture, TV’s etc. We are taking Spring Cleaning to a whole other level. It started out with a new couch and snowballed from there. I just need a couple more things….

Love and Jordans, JM

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