JM Blake Shop Is Open! + Possession Series News

Hi Friends–

A few quick things (these will also be in the next newsletter, but just in case you are boycotting your email box:)

–The JM Blake Shop is open for business! You can score all kinds of goodies and signed copies as well as some pre-orders. This is the first time I am also selling on Pinterest so if you aren’t following me there, you can hop over. (The shop will be on Pinterest next week.) Click on the “Shop” link—https://jmblakeshop.com on my website and look around. I have quite a few more things to come on the shop over the next few weeks, so follow me on the ShopApp if you want updates.

“Theirs to Fight For” is up for PreOrder! I am so excited (and anxious and nervous and…) for you to finally read this tie up to #nickandkenna and #freeandvivi. I wrote the last of the epilogues and CRIED MY EYES OUT. I can barely edit them because I tear up so bad–so I KNOW that you will be happy with how my girls wind up. The Pre-order is up on Apple, Kobo and GooglePlay–it will be a live release on Amazon. Click on the link—https://authorjmblake.com/books/theirs-to-fight-for/ for more stuff. You can also add it to your Goodreads profile.

In case you had ZERO clue, I LOVE baseball. I am a diehard Atlanta Braves fan, and as a treat, my husband and I flew all the way there to watch the Cubs/Braves series at Truist Park. We used to live in Chicago for a few years, so the Cubs are kind of our junior favorites. We had the BEST time–a ballpark tour, lots of beer and the Braves won 2 out of 3!

Stay tuned for more news!


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