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Romance author JM Blake is cooking, sneaking in video games, screaming at a sports game, or enjoying the Cali sunshine when she is not tearing through a word count. She likes passionate arguing and sexual tension in her books that amplify the connection. JM Blake hopes that people can use her work to escape, relate, and be entertained. And of course, scare the pants off of some folks. Currently, she is retconning a few things in the Power Series to fit into a project for next year. Getting ready to release “Inflamed” Book 3. And also three short stories in TDSS this month in time for Halloween.

Tell us a little about your family and hometown. Do you still live in your childhood home?

My whole family (in-laws included) lives on the East Coast–while my husband and I live out West.

On a normal day, if you aren’t writing, what would you be doing? Which is your favorite TV show to talk about?

When I’m not tearing through a word count- I’m cooking, sneaking in video games (Tomb Raider for the win), screaming at a sports game, or enjoying the Cali sunshine. I am an L&O SVU fanatic and can identify actors by the role they played on the show. And like 3/4 of the planet, I’m obsessed with Game Of Thrones.

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