‘Influencer’ Dreadful Stories #6 Coming Next Week!

Sometimes it’s easier to write horror–because everyday things can spark that part of my imagination. Oh you have a stalker? Story. Your car shut off by itself? Story. You cat meows sound like a human speaking? STORY. (No I haven’t written any thing like that–yet) but you see what I mean? ANYTHING can be horrific and I love exploring that.

This shorty is inspired by a few things. 1- I worked with some influencers when I first moved to LA and WHOOOOOO the stories I could tell! 2– I love Oscar Wilde. I’ve been brewing this for a while and since ‘Free’ is now out in the wild, I can drop this gem on ya. The blurb is below and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

In other weird news–My husband plays in a baseball league on Thursdays and last night someone hit his car while it was parked. He was high-key PISSED (his car is his baby), but then he told me the guys name and I cackled! It’s a celebrity and someone I knew immediately (my husband is not good about movie stuff for the most part.) The guys wife is an actress too. Only in LA would this happen and only to my husband who barely recognizes anyone. I’ve been laughing for an hour. But quietly because he loves his car more than me. STORY.

Love and Jordans, JM


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Banshee Miller is one of the biggest influencers on the internet’s hottest app, with millions of rabid fans who crave her cruel and snappy feedback. When a mysterious company offers her the deal of a lifetime, she jumps at the chance to lock in her fame–forever. 

In this upside-down modern version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” the price of wishes coming true is always more than you can pay. 

This is Book 6 of the Dreadful Stories Series, which can be read separately (though they are tied together).

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