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His To Belong To Is In Hardcover And Other News!

Hi Friends!

I can’t believe its already April 1st! (And no, I am not going to be pulling any pranks.) Lots of cool stuff going on this month, so I’m putting it all in one update.

First-His To Belong To is in hardcover! Its exclusively on Amazon, but signed copies will be available soon on my shop. It’s the first time I’m doing a hardcover, so I can’t wait for you to see it. Link is here—> Hardcover

The Possession Series Box Set is also live! For anyone who just wants one straight read through, this sucker lands at over 900+ pages. Its got all three books–of course Book 4 is out this summer. Link is here—> Box Set

I have two horror shorts coming out this month– “The Lake” and “Influencer.” If you haven’t read any of my horror shorts, they are *almost* all female centric, with lots of technology horror and occult themes. The first book, Swallow, is my favorite from a creep factor, but ‘Hey, Silas’ is my husbands. Check back here or follow my socials for release dates.

I am signing at the LA TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS, on Saturday April 20th!! EEEEK!!! Ill be there with a ton of other amazing authors from 10am -215pm! Come and see me. I’ll be in Booth 924!!! For more information go here—> LATFB

My shop will be open soon! I can’t wait to show you the cool boxes and goodies that are on their way!

Love and Jordans,


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