Hers To Belong To Coming January 28th!

Love found, and love lost…⁠

Ayden and Cassidy were fated for a fairytale- until a sudden and shocking tragedy tore them apart. Choosing to protect what matters the most, they separate in the most painful of ways-hoping to forget each other and the love they once shared.⁠

But life has other plans, and this time Ayden will have to fight with everything he has. Because this time, Cassidy needs to know that he is hers to belong to. Forever. ⁠

“No, you can’t come in! Are you crazy? You need to leave, Ayden. Immediately.” I shove against the door again, but his knee is still in the way. ⁠

“I’m not going anywhere, Cassidy. I will stay out here all night if I have to. What will your neighbors think?” I glare at him and snort. ⁠

“They will feel sorry for the poor American mama and call the damn police. This isn’t England; you don’t have any power here. They will cart your butt right to jail, and I will help them throw away the key. Now go away.” I shove again. ⁠

“I have a large chateau right outside of the city, and I hold two French titles. I absolutely have power here, and I am not afraid to use it. Especially when I tell them I am desperate to see my children and their ‘poor American mama’ is stopping me— who do you think they will side with?” ⁠

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