Wow! I cannot believe it is THE DAY! I wish I could tell you all the different things that stopped this book from being with you. All the delays, double-and-triple checking, LIFE. But my book baby is finally born and I am DYING for you to read it. There is so much going on, so many twists and turns, so much “NO SHE DIDN’T.” Here’s a little bit of what you can expect:

🖤Found Family⁠
🖤Slow Burn-ish⁠
🖤Enemies To Lovers⁠
🖤Some Darkness 😵‍💫⁠

Amazon has had a slow week, so it’s not quite available there yet (hopefully tomorrow) but it is up on Kobo, Apple and Google Play.(click on book details for links) You can also add it to your TBR or follow me on Bookbub, so you will get an alert when it finally drops.

***Remember! This book is going to seem like its COMPLETELY unrelated to Books 1&2, but just hang in there. It all comes together in Book 4. I swear. I really do.

Happy Reading! And as always, let me know your thoughts!

–Love and Jordans, JM

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