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Character Inspiration

Theo James as Ayden St. Devane

Irina Shayk as Cassidy

You- Know-Who as Nicholas Grant

Olivia Munn as Mackenna O’Loughlin

Bonus Scenes

Masen Sneak Peek

The Power Series Bonus Scene

The Power Series Bonus Scene 2

Favorite Scene

I love this scene–where Nick tells Roth to step off…

After dinner, all of the men in the family retired to Uncle Charles’ office for port and cigars. It was a tradition that we followed every year and one that I’d missed when I was away. My father had brought a 40-year tawny port, and he proudly gave me the first taste. It was excellent, and I raised my glass to him in salute. My dad’s Uncle Peterson asks me about the Japanese market when I feel a tap on my shoulder. Roth. 

“Got a minute, cousin?” His lip curls in a sneer on the last word.

I can feel my irritation spiral back up. Sitting through dinner and watching him try to mark MacKenna like a fire hydrant had been torture. She looked uncomfortable as fuck, and I’m almost positive that he was trying to feel her up under the table. She took it like a trooper, probably because of her fear of upsetting anyone again. And like a shark, he smelled blood in the water and attacked her. I had to remind myself that she wasn’t mine and that she was free to see whomever she wanted. As long as it wasn’t Roth. Or that skinny Masen dude. Or anyone else I knew. 

Roth saunters over to the fireplace and leans his arm arrogantly on the mantel. I sip my port and look at him over the rim. Roth and I are the same age, and though we are both tall, I have a few inches and about forty pounds on him. If he thinks his little dominance display is going to move me, he is very fucking mistaken. I continue to watch him, waiting for him to break and make the first move. It doesn’t take that long. 

“MacKenna is mine. I saw her first.” His fists clench and unclench at his sides, and his breath comes out in a hiss. “I don’t know what you were trying to pull with that whole thing about driving her home, but you need to back off. Immediately.” He points a thin finger at me and steps closer. 

I don’t move a muscle, merely raising my eyebrows at him. When we were growing up, Roth used to do everything in his power to try and get under my skin. He couldn’t stand the fact that not only was I smarter and better looking, but that I was the heir to the family fortune. His branch was far from poor, but I held all the power, and he hated it. I used to just ignore him, until the day that he made Felice cry about something at school. Then I grabbed his scrawny ass by the throat and laid him the fuck out. He ran back and sniveled to his parents, but he never messed with Felice like that again. 

“I didn’t know that you two were dating. When did that happen?” My lips quirk into what I know is an arrogant smile. “Does she even know?” 

His breath is coming out in pants, and he moves even closer. His eyebrows snap together, and his teeth gnash against his thin lips. 

“No, we aren’t dating. But I met her first. You can’t come home and think that you can stick your nose into everyone’s business. I’m warning you, stay away from her. I’ll be the one driving her home tonight, not you.” 

Over my dead body. 

“I think that MacKenna has a say in who drives her home. And I guarantee you that she will not pick you, ever. Just like when we were kids, you can’t take a fucking hint. She doesn’t want you.” My voice is low, but the anger in it is loud. “You will not be driving her home tonight; I will be. I will not stay away from her; you will. I’m warning you, if you push her in any way, you will not like what I do to you. You think that the ass-whooping I gave you when we were kids was bad? Try me.” I slam my empty glass down on the mantel and am gratified when his pussy ass flinches. 

I stalk out of the room, briefly meeting my Uncle’s eyes. He gives me a small smile and head nod. He never liked Roth either. 

I try and get my anger under control and take the main stairs two at a time. I can hear muted giggling coming from the room that I know MacKenna uses when she’s here. I brace both arms above the doorframe and take a deep breath. I knock shortly and open the door. All of the girls are piled on the bed, and when MacKenna sees that it’s me, her whiskey eyes widen. I can see the pulse in her slim neck pick up, and a sexy flush spreads across her face. Fuck yeah. She’s definitely coming with me. 

“Ready to go? My driver is pulling the car around.” I hold my hand out to help her off of the bed. She hesitates but then takes it timidly. 

Game. Fucking. On. 

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