Most Reckless


Every year, Persuasion Park Magazine publishes its “Most In The City” List of New York’s most (and least) eligible bachelors. Untamable, unapologetic, and unforgettable, these are the men riding for the most brutal fall of them all…

Heir to two fortunes. 

Pleasure seeker

Bad Boy

Rix Le Laurier is everything you don’t (do) want a man to be: brooding, bored, too handsome for his own good, sexy without trying, and almost hysterically allergic to commitment. So where do I meet him? 

A sex club. Figures, right? 

Things go wrong in a big way, really fast, and I have to rely on him for my very life. Does this stop him from trying to seduce me? Nope.

Do I resist? Of course, I do. Any other man would give up. But not Rix Le Laurier. He just tries harder and harder. 

Until I finally give in. FML. 

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