Most Dangerous


Every year, Persuasion Park Magazine publishes its “Most In The City” List of New York’s most (and least) eligible bachelors. Untamable, unapologetic, and unforgettable, these are the men riding for the most brutal fall of them all…

Sloane Milagros is an angel.

She volunteers almost every weekend, rescues animals from the rain, and plays backgammon with her elderly neighbor every Friday night. She is everything good, and I want to keep her like that– there is no way I will taint her with the darkness of my world. So I stay in the shadows, watching her every move and ensuring she is safe from harm.

Until one day, I got the call.

“Boss, she’s got a boyfriend.”

And then all bets were off. Sloane may not know she has a guardian devil looking after her, but she’s about to learn who she belongs to. And the devil only deals in souls…

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