Most Beautiful


Every year, Persuasion Park Magazine publishes its “Most In The City” List of New York’s most (and least) eligible bachelors. Untamable, unapologetic, and unforgettable, these are the men riding for the most brutal fall of them all…

Malcolm Bancroft Clare has it all: an American royal name, a family dynasty, a future as clear as glass– and a face no one can forget. Unfortunately, his upcoming engagement to the perfect Park Avenue princess has all of New York on pins and needles, so he leaves suddenly, hoping to escape the pressure from society and his demanding parents. 

But a night filled with anonymity, lots of beer, a baseball game, and a wild head of red hair changes his life forever. Decisions have to be made, and time is not on his side. Does he want a marriage of obligations and tradition? Or what all his friends have found–a forever and lasting love. 

(Yes, this is Malcolm from His To Belong To!)

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